Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heaven for a Carb Freak

A few weeks ago I was contacted by CSN about doing a product review. I was so excited by the chance to finally get the appliance I've been drooling over for months; a bread maker!

My order was placed on Sunday night and miraculously showed up at my door Tuesday morning!
I was thrilled to find it so much sooner than I'd expected! I made a quick shopping trip to pick up replenish my baking supplies and tested out my new machine on Wednesday. I decided to stick with a basic for my first try so I chose French Bread.

I measured all the ingredients into the bread maker (which took all of 3 minutes),
plugged it in, hit a few buttons and it was off.
When the baking part started a few hours later, I started drooling. The kitchen smelled soooo good! By the time it finally beeped my face was squished up against the little window on the top of the appliance and there was a puddle of drool on the counter.

I popped the bread out and it was perfection.
This picture does NOT do it justice at all! Joe and I both tried it with a little butter and we instantly went back for seconds!

I'm so happy with my new bread maker! I'm a bread fanatic and I've attempted to make bread by hand in the past and it's always a big failure. I can't wait to try out some other recipes!

Speaking of, if you have a favorite bread maker recipe or type of bread, please let me know!


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